Setting the stage for model homes





What we love most about working on model homes and model apartments is that the work is diverse and fast-paced, we get to meet new design teams and work on brand new spaces. It’s also very rewarding to witness the transformation of interiors from blank slates to complete living spaces, all in one swoop!

Because efficiency is so important on installation day, as soon as we are on site, we take placement instructions from the designers and begin installing items right away.

We can begin installing wall-mounted items while deliveries are still being made and while other teams are assembling and placing furniture items.

Our commitment is to:

  1. Arrive fully prepared and on time

  2. Provide a friendly, professional service

  3. Work efficiently, hanging items once and to specs

  4. Ensure zero damage to items and properties

  5. Help our clients complete stunning designs before the reveal deadlines

When planning your next model installations, please consider giving us a call.

Our mission is to bring your interior design team’s projects to life and to make your experience in working with us fun, professional, and memorable.

- Your model home art installers