Do you help with placement?

Absolutely: we know how difficult it is to decide on the placement of art and pictures, mirrors, and accessories, especially when moving into a new home or downsizing. Our experienced designer-installers can guide you on what works best for your home or office.



How long does it typically take to hang pictures?

The duration of an appointment is contingent to the number of pieces, hanging heights, level of difficulty, and type of hanging systems used. Our installers are experienced professionals and they follow a streamlined process. We work efficiently and install most projects in one swoop.

Contact us for a free estimate.

Does it make it harder for you when customers are downsizing?

This might surprise you but it’s the exact opposite: downsizing offers many great opportunities, such as:

  • You might have more items to choose from than you have wall-space, therefore you’ll have more placement options.

  • With excess artwork you can occasionally rotate/replace items throughout you home or office.

  • Experience the serene effects of minimizing.

  • Please consider donating the items you do no longer wish to hold on to.


Do you provide the hardware?

Yes: our services include standard hardware (for the wall and for the artwork) unless a heavy-duty/specialty or custom solution is required. We exclusively use hardware systems that we have tested for functionality and weight-bearing capacity on various types of wall structures.

Our goal is to ensure that everything we install exceeds the manufacturers’ specifications and that it all stays securely attached to the walls.

How do you charge?

Our services are billed hourly with a 1-hour minimum and calculated in 1/4 hour thereafter, tracked using an app from arrival to the site to completion after a final walk-through.

To learn about our current rates, we invite you to contact us. We offer free estimates.

We accept payments by check or credit card at the time of the service. Trade clients are typically invoiced Net-30.


Please contact us if you have additional questions.