Our process

Our client-centric process is straight forward and consistent. We are always excited to learn about the wants, needs, and utmost concerns of our clients and industry partners that help us improve our process.

Step 1


When you contact us, we listen to learn about your needs, the scope of the project, the nature of the site, the deadline, specifications and requirements, and we provide you with a well-informed estimate that is based on the average time that is typically required.

Step 2


We schedule your service appointent promptly to the best of our availability and ability to help you meet a deadline (before a grand opening, inspection, or house-warming party, etc.)

Step 3


Because we know how busy you are and how important this appointment is to you, we maintain a frequent contact with you. According to your preference, you will receive a call, email, or text message:

  1. A week to 10 days ahead
  2. Within 24 hours
  3. E.T.A. on the day of your service appointment

Step 4

Placement and installation

Upon arriving to the site, our installers protect the area that will receive the tools and supplies. The installers are immediately ready to take instructions, unpack items, and review the placement of each item throughout the space. 

Step 5


We conduct a final walk-through to ensure that no item was left unattended and that everything is correctly installed.